What Happens After #MeToo
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Who Is She?


Dr. Laila Risgallah Wahba is a pediatrician, passionate about children and their welfare. She has a Masters degree in Pediatrics and a Ph.D. in childhood studies. In 2009 she decided to equip herself to abolish sexual abuse and bullying. She studied the Middle East Sexual Abuse Related Pastoral Counseling Diploma and graduated in 2012. Laila is known for her youth TV program Han3ishasa7 (We Will Live our Lives Right), a program targeted for youth that has shown all over the Middle East and North Africa area tackling all youth issues and problems. Laila is founder and president of Not Guilty with a goal to abolish sexual abuse and bullying. She is an Ashoka Fellow, an inspirational public speaker, author, and determined social advocate. Dr. Risgallah is passionate about strong leadership and empowering others. Her determined mission is to be a voice for the unheard and fight against sexual abuse in society.