Divine Wisdom Needed.


I need your prayers.

This week, as I was training in Jordan, on  Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships as part of a school on what do after Adolescence, I went to look at our accommodations for our Not Guilty trip ministering to Iraqi refugees who fled Iraq because they wrote the ن (noon meaning Nosrani or Christian).

I was asked to counsel a Christian girl who has been kidnapped by ISIS, then sold to 13 different groups who all raped her. When she was freed from ISIS, her parents did not take her in because- as they claim- she has shamed the family. The church took her in and is ministering to her.

These will be the types of cases, and the types of kids we will be meeting.

We will be ministering to 100 kids ages 4-14, fifty parents of war kids and 100 young men and women refugees.

I so wish you all to cover our Not Guilty in prayer and tell everyone you know to intercede for us.

We need Divine wisdom, Divine appointments, Divine and anointed words.

Please pray that shackles will be broken, that many will be set free from trauma. Pray that the Holy Spirit will delete files of pain and loss.

Pray that God will empower us to do His work with humility and joy.


Support and prayers are needed.

Do share this with your friends and family.

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