Are You Ready for a New Year Blessing?

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“Debbie is doing so well with the activities and the program you gave us. In fact, she was so inspired by the activities she wants to create a movement. Create a children’s society for children and by children who have been abused. She wanted to make a YouTube campaign. To educate other children”.

Those were the words of a mother whose daughter has been sexually abused and has been through one of our training and is in counseling.

2018 has been full of challenges, successes and failures. But this was a year for the preparation of the ground of our society to accept talking and tackling a taboo subject that has been shrouded in secrecy for too long: sexual abuse. The #MeToo movement has opened the door for many to speak openly about their long kept secret.
Preparation of the ground is as important as the sowing into the ground. A farmer will till, remove weeds, rocks, stumps and fertilize the soil and make it soft in order to easily receive the seed, and allow the rain to soak in and water the seed. I believe there were many people preparing the field. I believe this represents the partners of Not Guilty and I also believe that God is speaking to others to join us. I know there is going to be an influx of new partners and donors into Not Guilty both now and in 2019.

So, THANK YOU and get ready! Get ready to receive your harvest. If you are not currently a financial partner with us, I encourage you to pick up a hoe and start on your row! Join with us! Can you add Not Guilty to your daily prayers? You pick up a hoe every time you pray! You sow seed every time you share a Newsletter!

A few years ago,  it was just a dream of mine to publish a book on sexual abuse. Today, I have already published two books:  Secrets: 10 real stories about sexually abused women, and What Happens After #MeToo-TacklingTheIceberg sold on Amazon and Kindle. What was once a dream, has become a reality! This year, especially, we have had people plow with Not Guilty – and look we are already seeing the harvest, and it has just begun!

We want to thank all our partners and those who have labored in the ground of Not Guilty, this year and in years past. There are partners from way back and there are those who are new – But – it doesn’t matter when you came in!

Friends, as we close this year, let’s finish strong! If you are a partner, I am challenging you to give extra this month! If you have been thinking about becoming a partner or giving – there is no better time like the present. Not Guilty is good soil and the GROUND HAS BEEN TILLED! IT IS READY TO RECEIVE THE SEED!

We are praying over your seed, we are praying over Not Guilty. It is our desire to see you strong, healthy and financially prosperous now and in 2019. It matters not what the economic indicators say; the ground has been prepared and it is time to sow – sow your seed and watch God overtake you and bless you beyond all that you can ask or imagine! I am ready! Are you?

Now is the time to get moving giving thanks and being part of a global movement that benefits others and the giver. Acts of joy, love, peace, caring and many more virtues increases our own wellbeing. Doing good is good for you and those you help.

Take a moment and watch here as refugee children whom you served- whether through giving or through prayers tell you Merry Christmas.
If this movie whets your appetite, we are having another trip to minister to Iraqi refugees in 2019. If you are interested to come or to sponsor some of the trip, do send me an email.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Dr. Laila Risgallah Wahba

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