My two-year-old granddaughter, Ellie, is a creature of habit. When she comes to visit us, she loves to play with the Russian babushka dolls. But she has to play with them on the table where she first discovered them.

If I try to take the Russian dolls to another location, she will take them back to the original place we first played with them and use the same footstool to sit on.

I usually keep snacks in my purse for her, so when I go to visit her, she would look at my purse and say, ‘snack?’

Ellie is only two years old, yet she has learned a lot of things because she was programmed to learn them.

Why am I telling you this story? First of all, because I love showing off my granddaughter, but also because this made me think: what is the youngest age we can start training kids on saying NO? Can they be as young as Ellie?

This past month and for the first time, we trained two-year-old’s with our SKIT method.

We can train children at a very young age to react in specific ways to certain things, whether positive or negative.

For example, every night before Ellie sleeps, she asks, “teeth?” She got accustomed to brushing her teeth every night.

The earlier we start training kids, the more probable the training will become a regular part of their lives. They will react without thinking because this is how they were taught.

This is what led me to develop the SKIT method for children aged two to five. It is a method that trains kids to protect themselves against sexual abuse.

We never use the “S” word: sex. We never use the “A” word: abuse. There is nothing obscene about anything we say; in fact, kids are trained in an environment of fun and safety.

SKIT stands for

Say No

Keep Private Parts Private

It is Not Your Fault

Tell Someone

We tried training that very young age on January 25 at a daycare that has 2-5-year-olds. Twenty-five kids went through the session. The session lasted 45 minutes with songs, dance, coloring, games, boundary games, and puppets.

After training them on how to protect themselves from sexual abuse, a two-year-old pointed at her mouth and said NO.

Why? Because she learned that one of her private parts is her mouth, and no one is allowed to kiss her on the mouth.

I was amazed at the understanding this two-year-old had, surprised that she understood that her mouth was a NO zone.

Of course, with children that young, one training is not enough, but at least we planted a seed of privacy, a seed of refusal to sexual abuse. We will need to go back in six months and do another training, so by the time the kids leave daycare, they have gone through the training four or five times, and it has become part of their DNA.

Not Guilty will continue to develop its training and methods until we abolish sexual abuse in children.

We can do this together, but we cannot do it without your help.

Each training of 25 kids costs $350 if held in Cairo and $500 if held out of Cairo.

We plan on having 75 such trainings in 2020, reaching around 2000 kids ages 2-5. Each training is between 25 to 30 kids.

You can sponsor one or more training.

Your support, ideas, donations, and encouragement mean so much to us.

Do drop us a note; we cherish them and you very much.

We can do this together; I know we can.

Let us make the world a better place.

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