There Are Success Stories In Abuse.
7 Steps for Success

Today a couple came from the USA to counsel with me about their 6-year-old daughter. The mother had attended with me last year, the parents session on how to protect our kids against sexual abuse. She bought the girl’s book, and read it several times with her daughter. This past month, her 6-year-old daughter was […]


Don’t Lose Control
What do we as parents if our child has been sexually abused?

The greatest fear we might have is what if sexual abuse actually happens to my child? This is the biggest fear of all. Seeing your child in pain and unhappy and not being able to do anything about it. As President for Not Guilty I have counseled many traumatized parents and abused children and adults […]


Too Fat for Love?

A new hashtag these days is, #WhyIDidntReport and. #WhyIDIDReport. This, of course, is over and above the #MeToo and the #WhatHappensAfterMeToo ##TacklingTheICeberg As I looked on Twitter why victims of sexual abuse choose not to report, here are some of the replies: “  When I was 3: Because he was a family member. Because I […]